Giveaway: The Versalette 2.0

Reader Appreciation Week starts today. I’ll have a few fun, minimalist inspired giveaways this week so stay tuned.

Remember the Versalette? Kristin and Shannon from {r}evolution apparel sourced this one piece, 30+ styles, garment from eco-friendly materials and manufactured it in the USA.

Kristin has now started, a clothing company on a big mission to do things differently. is making manufacturing in the US cool again and encouraging young people to learn the craft of sewing and design. You can read more about them here.

Kristin has kindly offered up a new Versalette 2.0 for one lucky Minimalist Mom reader.

This new design is made from black dead stock fabric and has a more fitted and sleeker cut than the original Versalette. You can see the changes and also read about the garment measurements and fit here.

This one piece of clothing could replace quite a few items in my wardrobe.

Basic black skirt? Check.

Black scarf, shoulder vest/light cardigan. Check, check.

I’m on the tall side but a few of the dress options, like the halter style, would work for me as a beach cover up.

Here’s a video showing all the different ways you can wear your Versalette:

Versalette Instruction Video from on Vimeo.

I’m using Rafflecopter for the first time for this giveaway.

To enter the draw for a Versalette 2.0, just use the widget below to answer the question: what items in your wardrobe could the Versalette replace?

For extra entries you can like’s Facebook and/or Tweet about the giveaway. This is a great company and I hope we can all spread the word about them.

The contest will close on Saturday July 13 at midnight EST. Giveaway open to US and Canadian residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • This would replace a skirt in my wardrobe for shore – the one I wore when I was pregnant that is all stretched out now but I can’t quite seem to get rid of because it still “kind of” fits.

  • Just watched the video and it can be used for so many different things. It could replace a skirt and top for me!!

  • This would easily replace many items in my wardrobe… I own a ton of black (as a redhead, it’s one of the colors I look best in). Skirt, dress, shirts of all kinds.

  • THis item would replace so many things. A couple of shirts, a pullover, a vest, a skirt come to mind. It would also double as a great travel handbag.

  • Ooh, the Versalette would be so helpful – replacing black skirt, dress, long cardi. I especially like that I could wear it more conservatively (eg lunch with the in laws!) and then change the style to something a bit more funky for the rest of the day, without bringing along extra clothes or doing a big change artist act. Amazing!

  • It would replace a dress, ank and t-shirt, skirt, and purse in my wardrobe – that is an awesome multi-tool piece of clothing!

  • I don’t understand the widget-if you receive a blank entry, it was me!

    This would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe-I would be able to get rid of all of my poorly made skirts, dresses, tops, etc. and it would make my jobs teaching elementary school kids and working at a wine shop a breeze to get dressed for!

  • I’m in the UK so don’t enter me in the draw! I saw the Versalette over at Project333 and I can see the appeal. I used to be a Weekender’s clothing rep and I rather miss their weekend in a bag (which turned into a waterproof jacket) kit. I am so tempted by the Versalette. It is pricey but I have only seen good reports. I am just unsure of how well it would work on a middle aged size 16-18 british mum. I need to hide more than my daughters do! Any larger women out there who have given it a go?

  • This genious item would replace a strapless tube, a black skirt ,and some other shirts too !!

  • This is such a cool concept! It could definitely take the place of those summer cardigans I haul around in case the evening gets chilly. I could wear it as a scarf by day, then use it to cover my arms by night. Perfection!

  • It would replace a all of my skirts since you can change the length of it. It would also replace a few of my black shirts :)

  • It would replace 2-3 of my black coverups, and at least one of my black skirts. I’d definitely need to watch the video the first few times I wanted to wear it :)

  • I would replace a couple of scarves, a black skirt, a little black dress, there are so many options it would even allow me to increase me wardrobe with one little piece of clothing. Amazing!

  • It would replace so many of the now “eh” clothes that used to (a) fit well and (b) be in style … 3 years ago, before I became a “stay at home” mom! I’m tired of t-shirts and oxfords and hoodies, and want to enjoy fashion again!

  • It would definitely replace the black skirt that doesn’t fit very well but that I think needs to be in the closet, my black pashmina, AND a black cardigan. Versalette for the win!

  • I’m not quite sure what it would replace! Definitely a dress and probably a shirt. Maybe it would help me get into wearing scarves too!

  • I’m so glad to know the Versalette lives! First, I would replace my tube dress. Just kidding! I don’t have one, so it would be fun to have that. I could get rid of a cardigan, a tank top (or two), and a black Target skirt that I’ve had way too long.
    I love the one shoulder dress! That’s something I would never buy on its own but would be so fun to wear.

  • So many ideas here! Off the top of my head: long black skirt, short black skirt, little black dress!

  • This item would replace so many different things in my wardrobe! I absolutely love mixing and matching, and with the versalette that’s made so much easier!

  • This would replace several ill-fitting black jackets and sweaters that are unworn and frustrating to try on repeatedly with my clothes. Also, great for travel or the office. I dislike having to spend too much time getting my outfits together for work and events. Ugh! It could save me time.

  • It would replace long skirt, short skirt, dress, top, scarf, bag! The Versalette is so nice and beautiful, I’d love to try all the 30 ways to wear it!!!

  • I have a very basic wardrobe right now, so the versalette would be awesome to win because it would round my wardrobe out with one item rather than wishing I had a black cardigan/skirt/top etc.

  • I just watched the video and realized that I have a very small wardrobe! This wouldn’t replace much for me because I typically wear shorts or jeans with a t-shirt on most days. This would be such a fun piece that would give me so many options especially for date night with my husband (who is probably sick of all the jeans and t-shirt outfits!).

  • It could replace skirts of different lengths and even different colors since black goes with basically everything. I like how it would be only one piece, yet add so many different options to my wardrobe!

  • This would add to my work wardrobe and expand my basics without expanding my closet items! I need a basic sweater/ top desperately. I am so excited this is back I missed my opprotunity last time around.

  • I’ve had my eye on the Versalette for so long now. So glad Kristin brought it back!

    I live a life of travel, and I never know what continent or climate I’m going to end up in. No matter what, I’m pretty much living out of a 40L backpack and I’d be able to minimize my load significantly while simultaneously expanding my options with the Versalette. I’d replace my halter dress, my shrug sweater, my scarf, and at least a few tops! I’m rather tall at 5’11” but I’d also love to consolidate my skirt options with the Versalette by getting rid of my black mini skirt and maybe even my beloved black maxi skirt! Fingers crossed!

    I’m not a mom, but I’m always working to become more of a minimalist, and I’m so glad to have found your blog. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

  • I entered above but didn’t see where to type the answer. The Versalette would replace a light black shrug sweater and a blouse in my closet and also remove a knit skirt, a casual knit dress, and a new beach coverup from my shopping list all at once.

  • This would replace dresses, skirts, and cover-ups – especially while travelling, you’d have the right outfit for every occasion.

  • This would replace my need to buy a coverup that will go with anything, a black skirt and a much needed cute summer top. (My wardrobe is in desperate need up some revamping after two pregnancies!)

  • It would replace a top, a scarf, a dress, and a skirt (which I haven’t replaced since my weight loss : )

  • This would replace my various black tops and skirts. Not to mention a hood for when it gets chilly. What a brilliant concept.

  • The Versalette would replace the different length black skirts currently in my closet. So cute!

  • This would replace several skirts, a black shrug, a cardigan, a scarf and a top or two. I just recently spent two weeks in Italy with only 5 sun dresses. A piece like the versalette would make travel even easier!!

  • I could definitely get rid of a couple t-shirts and I would love to use it for a swim suit cover up!

  • This item would replace my need to come up with a conversation starter! It’s a fantastic idea and the versatility would be really handy in the ever changing northeast weather! In all honesty, I have a black dress, shrug and skirt that could find a new home if I had this.

  • Amazing. I watched the video with my daughter and she loved it. Would love it as a scarf or wrap.


  • I have has my eye on one of these!! It would replace going out shirts and dresses! I really need to go shopping.. I’m 22 months post baby and haven’t bought much since before I got pregnant. Great give away.. And love your site!

  • This would replace a scarf, a shawl, a little black dress, two black skirts, and serve as the perfect piece of before-and-after maternity wear for my current pregnancy!

  • Very cool, this would definitely replace several LBD’s and I also love the handbag. I think it would also encourage me to be more bold in trying new looks without having to buy anything new.

  • This would be a great way to kickstart my post-pregnancy wardrobe: the cardigans, tops, and dresses I wore during my pregnancy and after have seen better days, but I am not a big shopper so I don’t want to be spending time looking for replacements. This would save me time and money whilst bringing back some style!!

  • This looks so cool! I would definitely be replacing my old/tired black skirts (short and long) and it would be the perfect LBD too.

  • With this staple item in my closet I feel like I could get rid of a number of things. A cover up, dress, skirt. You name it. I entered the contest last time you posted and I would really love to win this time! Such an awesome product idea!

  • Skirts, dresses and beach coverup for sure. I’d love it for my vacations at the beach!

  • Hard to say — I’d love to try it out traveling (perhaps replacing a travelsmith skirt I have owned for years), but wonder if the rayon would be prone to wrinkling (in fairness, the travelsmith is too!). Still, I’m game to try!

  • This could replace my one summer dress that I keep for those 2 days a year you can wear a summer dress past 8PM in Calgary! And could also double as the “go-to” black skirt and warm scarf in the winter!

  • Wow! Honestly, it would replace a Lot of the I need to buy. I have had a slow wardrobe attrition over the last 5 years since I moved and couldn’t find work and we went down to one income. This would be a god sent.

  • This would replace a shrug, wrap, skirt, dress, tank, beach cover up, scarf, pajamas… what can’t it replace is the question!

  • I love the how-to video! I have thrown out or donated at least 2/3 of my wardrobe over the past year (as the season’s change). I would use the Versalette as a replacement EVERYTHING, because one of my problems is my weight. It is forever bouncing up and down the scales by 10-15 lbs. So, I’d wear it, without fret about fit, as a long or short skirt, as a tunic over my skinny jeans, as a layering jacket, and as a dress.

  • I rarely wear anything formal, but I have to own formal wear because my husband is active duty and we need to attend military events. Something like this would replace the need for a LBD, and also cover the days when I need to be dressier than normal. I own two pairs of pants, so a dress that acts as a skirt and a million other things would aid in my goal of keeping my wardrobe pared down to the basics.

  • I would LOVE to have this! I live in a motorhome with my family and it would help me so much with space to have one item that could replace others. I would use this as a cardi, a bathing suit cover up, a dress in as many ways as possible, and of course the black skirt!


  • That is amazing! I have never seen something like that before. I would like that more and more clothing will have multiple uses. I own only 6 shirts, 2 pants, 2 dresses & one pair of shorts. This would really expand my wardrobe, but not take up any space!

  • This would be great to replace my swimsuit cover up as well as several worn out skirts and dresses that I wear all the time. Cool product!

  • Much of my wardrobe is black so this piece could replace many items: skirts, dresses (I’m short) and cardigans. Plus it will complement what i do have. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • This would be my go-to dress this summer–work, play, beach–you name it! I’m sure there’s a well-loved jersey dress in my closet that this could easily replace. Probably a few other items too!!

  • Well, my wardrobe is just about as thread bare as it can be. Having a versalette would mean I could have several new dresses, a new shirt, shawl, skirt, and I would probably even use it as a swim bag! I was very excited to see it’s return. I have been wanting one since the first time you posted about them here!

  • Being a first time mom, I love how this could grow with me as a shirt, dress, tank and then in the later months a great scarf and bag for the holidays! Then it can work again after baby is born! Being in a tiny apartment husband and I are trying to streamline what we really use vs. what we want to make room for baby.

  • this would replace three dark tshirts (which would leave me with my goal of two total), three casual and beach dresses (getting me down to three dresses total), my summer black pants (don’t need black skirt and pants), and for good measure, a pair of jeans (b/c I’m just that serious about paring way down).

  • This would replace my cheap black skirt, a couple of ratty work shirts, those awkward tank tops i only wear to go dancing. and maybe a nighty.

  • This would replace everything! Most of all, I could easily nurse my son in this and still look good!

  • I have wanted one of these forever! I was so bummed to hear they split and weren’t making them anymore. Looks like I’ve got my second chance. The versalette would be so awesome in my wardrobe. It could replace my black skirt, my old black cardigan, could be a halter dress. I so want to win this!!

  • Except for jeans and basic black pants, this could actually replace my entire wardrobe. And I would not miss one piece of it!

  • I have very few clothes in my closet as is (after purging what didn’t fit and what i didn’t wear) so I actually could use the versalette to replace any new clothes I would have otherwise needed to purchase, if that makes any sense!

  • The Versalette would replace my skirt, scarf and tunic. It will also inspire creativity in how I can dress with less.

  • Oh wow, what a cool addition to anybody’s wardrobe! It would replace my “little black dress” and it would be a integral part of my wardrobe!!!

  • I have an original Versalette and I love it. It didn’t so much replace anything in my wardrobe but was a great addition. I use it most as another layer in the winter. Makes a great scarf too… I wish I had another..

  • I would LOVE to win this, I have a tiny very tired wardrobe so this would really liven things up for me! Thanks for the chance.

  • The new Versalette could replace quite a few items. I have two black skirts that could find a new home, as well as a black scarf that could be replaced and a black shirt or two. Plus, I could definitely do with a cute black dress in the closet!

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