1 In, 2 Out: June


Why did I start this challenge? It’s kept me on my toes but it is really hard to keep track of things.

Stuff is insidious.

We received free t-shirts for our big walk and they were out of Chris’s size so I thought it was a good chance to get two workout tops I could wear while pregnant. Then I promptly forgot about their entry into my wardrobe until I started working on this tally of ins and outs.

Things should pick up a bit with the numbers here because we’re moving.

Moving is a fantastic time to get rid of things you haven’t been using. I’m actually excited about the move process because it will give me a chance to look through the boxes of household goods we brought over but haven’t used because we’ve been renting furnished flats.

I’m expecting the out number to skyrocket in the next month.

I’m also expecting the in number to skyrocket in the next month because: we’re moving into an unfurnished home. So I’m starting from scratch. Scary.

More about the move later on. It was a hard decision. Change location and give up the sea views and an easy walk to work for my husband or drive our son to school most days and probably get a newer car. We debated it for a few months and then spent even longer looking for something in the five block area we wanted to lived.

Now, any tips on furnishing a home from scratch? I’m watching the ads here like a hawk. Seems coffee tables are easy to come by but bunk beds, small sofas and king size beds are in hot demand. While our budget won’t allow me to invest in ultra modern and minimalist pieces, I think I can still work some fashion in with a good sofa, nice bedding and a whole lot of Annie Sloan chalk paint.

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  • Congratulations on the move, even though it has caused some stress and I am sure with some licks of paint whatever you find will pull together and make your new home a really welcoming, relaxing space for you, your family and the new baby :)

    I’ve gradually replaced cheap make do side tables that were worse for wear, for some secondhand repainted tables and though they’re mismatched in colour and style, they’re far more homey and personalise the space with their individual charm. Here’s to a lick of paint!

  • Moving!

    I wish I could magically transport our bunk beds to you. They’ve been up in the attic for a year, I’ve posted them on facebook (for free!) twice, and both times the takers have fallen through. Bleh.

    This makes me want to go through our toys again. They breed when I turn my back…

    • Toys and clothes, toys and clothes, toys and clothes. They’re like Gremlins here and multiply overnight.

      Bunk beds: if only we had figured out teleportation by now :)

  • Last year we bought our first house and moved in with only one piece of furniture: a bookcase! We scoured thrift stores, compared prices on Amazon, and visited discount stores. But the winner turned out to be Craigslist! We found that if we were patient enough to wait a few weeks or months while monitoring for a good deal, we would almost always strike an amazing bargain. In our area for Craigslist, summers are great (people are wanting to get rid of stuff/moving like you), weekends are best (more postings), and most sellers will negotiate the price. (Just have to do due diligence to avoid the inevitable dishonest ones out there.) Blessings in your move and enjoy the purge! :-)

    • Thanks, Deb. There are two local online buy and sells that are very popular so I am watching those carefully. And thanks for the reminder: patience will be key. I know we will at least have beds (mattresses on the floor) and a table to eat at to start with.

  • Have a look at some of the upcycling ideas on pinterest. While you might not fancy the suspended pallet bed (I thought it rather cool, but would probably suffer from travel sickness just turning over) there are a plethora of unexpected ideas, some of them very very good.

  • I just had my second boy and the toys and clothes are out of control! My toddler has gotten more toys this past month than he has the past 2 years! But he remembers and requests things that I get rid of now, so I don’t know how to purge. Even returning library books are hard for him. And then there’s the frustration with my own clothes with my body size being in flux for the next year most likely. Not that I have time to clean anyway…

    Good luck with the move! There’s something to be said for mattresses on the floor. That’s what we do because of rolling babies, and it actually creates a more open and usable space for playing with kids.

  • Perhaps be kind to yourself and let the physical numbers go during this period. Pick up the counting once you are settled.
    Moving and on top of that pressure- counting items in and out seems to be more stressful than the lifestyle you are aiming for…..

  • You know, when u moved back to nj I bought new bunk beds, two one for the boys and one for the girls. I had to buy new dinning table and a bed for me. Out all this things the only regret was buying a bed for me. Sometimes I look around in this room and wonder how much nicer and cheaper it would be to just have bought a futon.

  • Wow, Rachel! What an opportunity! A clean slate! As you know, less is more, so ideally, I would only get things you need once in the new house.
    Not sure if I would get bunkbeds again. For us it did not work. They are great for saving space, but after the initial excitement we had to take them apart because the kids want me to be able to snuggle with them in their bed, or read bedtime story there. I would probably go for a simple mat.

  • Miss Minimalist comes to mind – do you need a sofa?! I see “coffee table” and think a good sturdy one with cushions on the floor would be a great Japanese-style living room (for instance!).
    If I got to start again (who knows?!) I would be so minimalistic about furniture….!!! 😉

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