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I run very few ‘stuff’ giveaways on this blog. You already know that. But occasionally I give away books I really enjoy and, this may surprise you, I often pay for those books myself. In fact my first giveaway on this blog was a copy of Francine Jay’s, aka Miss Minimalist, wonderful guide to decluttering your home, The Joy of Less. I wanted to thank all my readers for their wonderful encouragement as I tackled reducing our stuff so I decided to give away a copy of a book that had been a great help to me.

So I was beyond thrilled when Francine emailed me about the new revised and updated edition of The Joy of Less she was working on with Chronicle Books. Miss Minimalist emailed me! I’m such a fan girl that I did a double take when I saw the email.

Lucky me I received an advance copy of the updated and revised edition of the book and you’ll seem my short notes – spoiler: I loved it! – on the back of the book.

After reading this new version again I was surprised by the book. I read it back in 2010 with such fervor and determination to get our home in order that I remember it quite differently. Back then I was looking for how-tos and a solid kick in the pants to get it done. And that was my big takeaway back then. I got just what I needed from it.

Reading it again six years later I got to enjoy a whole other side to the book: it’s sweeter and funnier and cheekier than I remember. Nonthreatening. Entertaining, silly at times and so inspiring. Francine writes with such a calm and accessible hand on what can often be a stressful and emotional task. And the additional material, particularly on children, is so helpful. We are out of the big home purge stage in our living with less journey but I found myself nodding along and enjoying all the succinct and smart ways to pare down and the big benefits to living smaller.

Quotes I loved from The Joy of Less:

We reclaim our space, and restore function and potential to our homes.

We have to remember that our memories, dreams, and ambitions aren’t contained in objects; they’re contained in ourselves.

We are not what we own; we are what we do, what we think, and who we love.

In pursuing a minimalist lifestyle, we must resist the temptation to recreate the outside world within our abodes.

To celebrate the publication of The Joy of Less Chronicle Books is giving away two copies of the book to lucky Minimalist Mom readers. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and then leave a comment on this post. Contest closes Saturday.

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  • I have done my first round of purging, but there is a lot more that I could do. Perhaps this book would have some helpful advice. Thank you for supporting other contributors to the minimalist movement.

  • I love both your blogs. I’ve been reading hers since before Plumblossom, and I think I’ve been reading yours since your second pregnancy.
    The Rafflecopter giveaway says it’s not open yet.

  • It’s always fascinating to see what new insights pop out at you when you reread a favorite book!

    This is my first time commenting, but I love your blog. It’s really helped me avoid accumulating too much stuff since the birth of my daughter last year :)

  • Sounds like a fantastic book! I feel as though I’m continually purging stuff, but every little bit helps! :)

  • I gave away a big bag of soft, fun adorable baby clothes to the mama of a toddler in our neighborhood. Today when I saw them walk by our house he was wearing one of the shirts. Pure joy!

  • I’m still working on clearing out and generally lust something on eBay every few weeks and take a box to the local charity shop. I’ve just got Erin Boyles book Simple Matters to read.

  • One thing that I have let go of is a new outfit for every special occasion. Buying quality, classic clothes means that I’m happy to wear them over again!

  • I loved the original Joy of Less ebook! It was right back at the beginning of my minimalist journey.

    I let go of the excess second hand kitchen ware that had been given to my hubby and I when we got married. I barely used it, and I felt like everything in my cupboards fell out whenever I opened them!

    Now (mostly) my kitchen cupboards are neat and tidy, everything has a place.

  • We just moved into our new house and I am trying to minimize by only bringing the essentials in from the garage and being honest about what purpose things will serve. I enjoy following your blog!

  • Am really looking forward to the re- release of this blog – I went to buy it when it was unavailable pending the new publication, so winning a copy would be sweet reward for my patience!! De cluttering my wardrobe is the best thing I’ve ever done for sanity & day to day making life easier, although recently we cleared out the boot (trunk) of the car and it gives me such a thrill each time I open the door & see the clear empty space, rather than all the mess & junk that was cluttering it before,

    • I have to say that simplifying our wardrobes has made a huge difference to each of my family members.

  • Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit after two babies was HUGE! My closet isn’t as organized or pared down as I want, but at least I’m not staring at a bunch of clothes, wondering what will fit and what wont!

  • i went through my closet and dresser almost a year ago… getting dressed is so much easier!! i know what i have and i know where it is! another thing that brings me joy is using up things i might feel guilty about throwing away… the lotions and shampoos, even things from the pantry.

  • I got rid of high school memorabilia including year books. I never looked at any of it and I certainly don’t miss it!

  • I’m constantly purging here also. Seems like things multiply rapidly if I don’t stay on top of it. I think the main thing I purged was all the extra outside activities I was doing. Saying “No, I’m sorry” has been very freeing and it leaves lots of white space on the calendar! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Giving away some of the beautiful things I’ve accumulated (clothing, jewelry, home decoration stuff, etc.) and felt guilty to get rid of because of the price I paid for them.

    I wasn’t able to leave a comment on Rafflecopter.

  • Geez, I’ve gotten rid of between 65-80% of what we had. Everything about it made me happy!! What I can tell you is that I don’t regret scaling down, I’ve made peace with sentimental items leaving the home and I love what remains. I probably don’t remember half of what’s gone. I DO love how I learned my personal style and that getting dressed isn’t a hassle. It became fun again.

  • I love this and I would share it with my mom – getting rid of clutter has been such a freeing process.

  • Hi getting rid of all my little knicknacks was the best thing I ever did! I used to try to decorate according to what the internet was doing but then I realized that I hated dusting around all this stuff! So I donated it and now I’m LOVING my bare counter tops, dresser tops, ottomans and end tables!

  • Getting rid of things I don’t wear (and my kids don’t wear) has certainly made a difference in our home!

  • We got rid of our formal
    Dining table, chairs, hutch & chandelier and turned that room into a hangout zone for our 5 kids. A room that was never used now often has all 7 of us in it!

  • After 14 years still in a box I sold my wedding China. My mother convinced to register. II realized I never had a need or want for them.

  • I have given away unused items from my china cabinet, e.g. crystal glasses and formal dishes that were never used but I kept them for a long time because they were wedding presents or inherited gifts. Now in their place, I display other treasures that may not be as valuable but I think they are more beautiful and/or meaningful to our family.

  • I have a collection of porcelain dolls that my grandmother gave me. They took up a lot of space and I have been bringing them with me from house to house. I felt so guilty that I never got rid of them. Recently I donated all but one and it left me feeling very free!! I love this blog and it motivates me each day to live minimalistic. Thank you!

  • Getting rid of craft supplies that I had accumulated over the years and never used was so freeing. I always felt guilty having so much stuff and never using them!

  • Getting rid of my desk. It was always cluttered and took up so much visual space. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have let go of feeling like I need to keep with with fashion trends. I have found a look that is simple and comfortable and that’s enough for me!

  • I like how positive you are – focusing on freedom, rather than “living without” or “giving up something”

  • This looks like a terrific book! I’ve purged a lot already, but always need more inspiration. The best thing I think I’ve gotten rid of is time wasters. My schedule is more open now, which leaves me and my family more at peace. Thanks!

  • I love your blog. Thanks for the reminder that life isn’t about “stuff and clutter.” My favorite thing to give away is my daughter’s clothes. As soon as they get a little small, we have basket that items go in. We then fill up a bag and give it to another little girl in our neighborhood. Her parents are young and really appreciate the hand-me-downs and I love seeing the clothes get another go-round.

  • Letting go of the “shoulds” and “mights” has helped me focus on the good stuff. Still working on it though!

  • Owning less and getting rid of stuff that I “might need later” was a foreign thought before I read the first edition. Now it’s SO much easier to clean. I used to spend lots of time organizing and now I don’t have to!

  • Too funny! I am currently reading her original book right now! It’s great and like you said, the kick that I need to get rolling. I’d love to check out her new edition and then pass it along to someone else who may benefit! Thanks.

  • I regularly go through my young daughter’s clothes and purge what no longer fits. I always hand them off to friends who can use what I have.

  • Reducing kiddie related clutter has brought me joy. Paring down their clothes, toys, books, craft items and papers. I am loving seeing my children ( and myself) not being overwhelmed by stuff. It’s so much easier and more enjoyable to be able to really interact with and enjoy the things that we do have, rather than constantly having to manage ‘stuff’.

  • I got rid of all the books I “should” read, ones that felt like an obligation, instead of joyful reads. Three boxes to Goodwill!

  • I gave away the baby changing table my husband made to a young couple that was in need…it brought us all joy! Thank you for the encouragement to focus my life on what matters and lasts- people and relationships! Thanks, too, for the giveaway- I would LOVE to win this book!

  • I would love to see what this book has to offer. I have found the best rule of de-cluttering is thinking – do I want all the responsibilities that come from this object (maintenance, cleaning, etc.)? Does the object “deserve” a better life – can it be of more use to someone else, rather than sitting in my closet for months/years on end?

  • It’s always nice to know where people get their inspiration for big changes! Thank you for sharing this!

  • I’ve done many rounds of decluttering. Now with very little to let go, I still find things to put in the thrift store box. It’s always lightening.

  • I’m 44 yrs old and I have been doing some sort of craft my whole life. We’re a military family (moving around for 26 years) and we have 4 children. I would move ALL my accumulated craft supplies every.single.time. Four years ago, I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of craft items I was moving (again) and I sat down and decided what I really and truly love to do (quilting, knitting and cross stitch). It was very freeing to sort through my stuff and give away anything that didn’t support those three craft loves :) Since then I have even pared down the items even further. Now when I am ready to craft (usually in 15 minute increments these days – lol) I am inspired because I love everything in my organized craft area and I know that I can use it to make something usable and beautiful.

    Thank you for the book giveaway!

  • I gave my original copy away in yet another a purge attempt. I would love to read the updated version!

  • I’ve let go of a lot of toys. Granted, we get more all the time because our kids are the only grandkids on both sides, but I’ve become totally okay with decluttering them every couple months. Less stuff as an eyesore and the kids tend to play with the same things all the time (and they’re usually Legos or arts & crafts). Fewer toys to have to find, fix, etc. and a happier mommy not getting on my kids to clean up ridiculously cluttered spaces. :)

  • Love both your blogs and would be more than happy to take my name off the library reserve list for the book! 😉 thanks.

  • I’ve given away shaped cake pans. I could never get them to turn out how I wanted them too, and I put unnecessary stress on myself when a plain cake with frosting and sprinkles is just fine.

  • I quit playing a fun but very time consuming team game. It freed up a lot of time and I don’t miss it at all. I do love the extra time saved. That is a joyful result :)

  • Oh an update. I want to get a copy. Alas, I was hoping it would be available via iBooks in digital format (trying to keep my bookshelf contents from increasing, physically that is.)

    I’m still on the minimalist journey. Interesting that once I clear out the clutter, I have room for more – not just adding to fill the new emptier space, but fill life wit less stress of the burden of stuff. And if I do add something to my “possessions” – it’s now something I truly want or need, something I’ve learned to put thought into instead of randomly purchasing without thinking or using purchases to fill an emotional void or need.

  • We recently moved and I gave away a bunch of stuffed animals and toys. It has made me feel so good to get pictures from my friends of our toys being used by other people :-)

  • Since changing my focus from organizing to minimizing, I have eliminated hundreds of items from our home. Each item removed makes a difference for me. Last year, I resigned from a couple of volunteer positions to focus my time and energy on my home and family. I have not regretted that decision for one minute!

  • I read her first book from the library – would love my own updated copy. Season changes bring me joy because I can purge all those excess winter scarves and mittens that don’t fit or that no one loves anymore!

  • Getting rid of most of my clothes was actually really great. I have tons more room and less laundry to do. Now if I could only convince my husband to do the same. :)

  • The one thing or few that have impacted the way I live is getting rid of all the extras around my home. I always tell my kids, how many hands do we have? Do we need 3 can openers? It’s a good way to declutter toys as well.

  • Getting rid of excess clothes, shoes and bags has left room for pieces I really love. I use them mors often because I can see them!

  • I’m a long time reader and have learned so much from you! Friends visited from out of state recently and we’re so complimentary about how peaceful our home is, even with 4 people in a small 2 bedroom place. They wanted to see our minimalist closets and mentioned that laundry has taken over their home. I’m so delighted to not be a slave to our stuff. Your blog has taught me to:
    Not buy “steals” on off season kid clothing
    Own fewer, more versatile items
    Bring one item in, send one out
    Live car light and ride a kick scooter to work :)
    Enjoy experiences and lots of down time as a family
    Opt out of having a baby shower (because babies don’t need clutter either)
    Host a “toonie” party this June (well with us dollars anyway).

  • I gave away purses and shoes that I never used. And it made room for me to be a little less “messy”
    Messy minimalist in the works……that’s me.

  • I mostly give time. I find it difficult to give my things. That is why I think this book could help me

  • I have given away many ornaments. I asked my two daughters to choose any of my keepsakes on the understanding that what they did not want would go. My daughters got the items they wanted,I kept a few things for myself and everything else was donated. Now I don’t buy decorative items.

  • This sounds really small, but I was amazed at how helpful it was to me to clear our my makeup drawer. I didn’t even realize that it was overwhelming before. Now, when I open it every (most) mornings, it is simple and organized which I find calming.

  • I gave away over 100 beanies to a local church organization and they were so thankful that it made want to just keep giving.

  • I love this in theory but never seem to know how to get started. It’s a tangled web of things as you start in one room and get led into another and another. Maybe my small efforts will eventually add up.

  • I had been getting rid of items that I had always thought I was “attached” to. Just asking myself, Do I really need it? Does it bring me joy?. If the answer is no, off it goes to the donation center. It is a work in progress that I need to get back to. Thanks for the chance!!!

  • The best things for me to give away were the wedding China that couldn’t go in the dishwasher or microwave, and the expensive winter boots that never fit.

  • Thanks so much for all the advice and encouragement on the decluttering. I read both your blog and the Miss Minimalist blog and would love an opportunity to read her new book! Thank you!

  • I’ve purged my own belongings and have started on my kids- no more buying ALL the cute clothes. We also have cut down on gifts for birthdays and Christmas (we do the 3 gift rule) which has been huge in keeping the junky toys away!

  • over half my kitchen “stuff”. My cabinets were so full it was always hard to put things away after washing. Now it’s much easier and I don’t dread unloading the dishwasher

  • Two favorites: clothes and kitchen clutter! Those are two areas I realized I used probably only 25% of what I owned. Now I only have what I actually use and love! I’d love to re read this new version of the joy of less! I keep asking for it on inter library loan at my public library so I guess that’s a good sign it’s worthwhile owning it!

  • I gave away craft supplies I never used. I spent so long holding onto them and feeling like I SHOULD do something with them. I SHOULD make this or that. But I didn’t want to–so when I finally let go of them, it was like telling myself that it was OK to narrow my focus.

  • I gave away a Geiger jacket, an Oleg Cassini coat, that belonged to my MIL. I held onto it, because they are those great quality items that everyone should have, but I could never bring myself to wear them. I gave them to a recent acquaintance because she said she would wear them all the time. I figured better her than me! No more clutter in my closet.

  • I have given items to my daughter’s school to use for their silent auctions. It makes me happy to see that the sale of these items is bringing in money for the students rather than sitting around my home gathering dust.

  • I got rid of old letters and diaries over a year ago. At the time I could barely bring myself to read them but I forced myself to do so and face whatever was in them. It was cathartic.

  • Giving away clothes that don’t fit the simpler style I actually wear was very freeing! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book :)

  • Hello! I read your blog via RSS reader so I suppose I am a sort of lurker, but would love a copy of the book. I recently donated at least HALF of the books I owned and I felt so much better. But I have so far yet to go…it’s a process!

  • I have committed to filling our weekends with FEWER plans and it has really made me feel so much more relaxed and able to focus on my family.

  • I entered the contest but didn’t leave a comment so here is my comment. I am amazed at how many toys I give away a few times a year but I am going to do another major clear out of the toy room this week. No one in the family wants to go down in the basement because of the overwhelming amount of toys when the rest of the house is clutter free. I need to figure out a way to have a smaller Christmas. The grandparents and aunts and uncles all buy so many gifts and so do I. Then my girls have early birthdays and we are bombarded with more stuff again. How do others manage this. We are so lucky to have such a generous family.

  • I purged a lot of movies DVD’s and books that after moving several times I got tired of lugging the stuff around and the only thing I regretted was one book that I actually bought back at a half price book store the rest I have not even missed. The clothes and purses and other items again not even missed.

  • I love your blog! I am minimalist in my approach to online subscriptions and blogs I read, but I never miss this one!

  • I am quitting my job in a few weeks to stay home with my kids. Money will be tight, but manageable. I’d so much rather have time with my little ones than all the extra stuff!

  • I started tossing items and it felt amazing to finally toss some of the STUFF. We’ve given away at least 6 bags of clothing, knickknacks, and kitchen supplies. The best part is having my desk back. It’s a beautiful, glass-top desk from Ikea. Love in several different languages is written all over it, and I can see it and use it again.

  • I started purging things in my house, clothes, knick knacks, dishes, etc. I haven’t missed anything, I’m going to continue my purging, it’s been so nice to have space in my home. I would love to read this book, thank you for the give away!

  • I fan girl both of you! I have purged the whole house in the last eight years, but stuff creeps back in constantly especially with a middle schooler in the home. Have to save a certain amount of craft supplies and empty shoe boxes for school projects. The house is decluttered at baseline and everything has its place. Now if the horizontal surfaces could stay clear….

  • Your blog is so encouraging! I purged several hundred items from my home once I started having kids. I realized I was spending more time tending to stuff than to my baby! I knew the only way I would survive with my mental health intact would be to get rid of the stuff. I went on to cut out unnecessary activities/social events, as well as a few toxic relationships. Now people are amazed that I’m a mom who is not busy. It’s totally possible, and I love hearing stories like yours, of people who have found a better way than hanging onto things that hold us back. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight!

  • I’ve let go of my clothes and my closet. Thanks to you I found the vivienne files and it has been life changing. I’ve gotten rid of so many clothes, mine and the kids, and it feels so freeing.

  • I’ve given up trying to set others’ expectations of me. I no longer attend every shower, wedding, or event. I attend if it seems meaningful; if not, I send a card.

  • This book sounds delightful. I am always purging and we are planning to move to a smaller house next year. I need to get a fresh inspiration. It makes me very happy when I have things in the car to give to homeless people I see on my way to work. I’ve given hats, gloves, sweaters, and blankets to people on the street instead of donating to a store.

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I have been purging for a couple of years now–slowly but surely! I still have stuff creeping in–where does it all come from!?!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I have been purging for a couple of years now–slowly but surely getting to where I want to be! I still have stuff creeping in–especially from my daughter’s school. I can’t wait to read this book!

  • After reading this book, my happiest moment was packing up and giving away all the unfinished projects that I “just never found time to DIY”.,,,tables I meant to strip and paint, lampshades I intended to craft, art I never found time to complete. It was sooo liberating to just let it all go and to wipe the slate clean, as though a physical weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Why do we burden ourselves so much with so many projects??

  • I’m always challenged by this blog. Recently I have away a fancy wedding gift to our pastor’s wife. She was able to use it at one of her many social engagements. Exciting!

  • I have been on this lightening journey so long that I remember when the first edition came out. I enjoyed it then, and look forward to reading this edition.

  • Letting go of my many journals, yearbooks, and millions of photos (minimized) has been so freeing. I have also found freedom in letting go of my children’s sentimental items (outfits, blankets, etc.). Letting go of these items has allowed me to live in the present and make each day count even more.

  • Hardest, yet most rewarding, for me is purging my kitchen gadgets and small appliances. We gave up grains recently, and that meant I gave up my toaster. I’ve had a toaster for the last 40 years! It was exhilirating gaining that square foot of counter space. I try to get at least one bag of stuff out of the house each week. It doesn’t always work, but one day…still a long way off, mind you…one day this house will be tidy and I won’t be such a pack-rat!

  • I finally decided to accept the fact I wouldn’t be focused on making large fancy cakes for people anymore. It brought stress and angst. When I removed all of the equipment and tools, it was such a relief. I can now focus on cake bites which bring me joy to make!

  • Getting rid of the extra holiday decorations during my minimalist “cleansing” of my house has been a blessing! I kept only what I truly loved and enjoyed. This year, instead of dragging out several boxes of decorations like I usually did, I only had two boxes and I was amazed how much easier it was to set up for the holiday using only what I really enjoy… has been wonderful!

  • Great post!

    I have just removed all the storage tubs from the kitchen that I have accumulated but felt wrong to get rid of as they “may be useful one day”. I’ve gained an entire cupboard back!

  • I want to read this! Definitely going to look it up and I love your blog too. I had to let myself give up scrapbooking and a lot of crafty stuff and I feel SO much better not having all those unfinished projects hanging over my head! Now if only I could get all my kids toys and things under control!

  • My girls are 6 and 8 and they have so much stuff!! When I help them clean I have had to let go of the idea that they will keep all of their toys organized (Little People in one bin, Little People animals in another bin). It caused me and my girls so much stress if I saw that toys were not where I thought they should be.

  • Minimizing our belongings feels like a much larger job than it should be – I can use all the advice I can get!!

  • We recently moved from one country to another with 5 suitcases. It was so freeing to take only what we wanted and give away the rest.

  • Growing up with very little we always put stock in possessions. Especially clothes. Going to a capsule wardrobe has helped so much with time in the morning getting dressed, laundry, and overall satisfaction with what I wear and look like. Thank you for this giveaway. It is very kind of you.

  • When I had just turned 18 (I just turned 20) I was going through all of my things and getting ready for the big move out of my mom’s house. I started to realize that I had all this stuff that I truly just didn’t need and, honestly, didn’t want. I read The Joy of Less at that time and ended up giving away nearly 80% of my possessions to a local shelter. My mom was upset because “she spent all that money on nothing” but I felt good knowing that I was free from all of the clutter and junk, not to mention I was giving clothes, books, etc. to people that didn’t have the best access to these things. I still go around my house every week and look for things that need to be donated or thrown away. It really is a joyful feeling everytime I come home to a clutter free home.

  • I LOVE the original book. I remember finding your blog several years ago and reading about The Joy of Less. I was at a point in my life where I was looking more for organization than the minimalist lifestyle. I decided to read The Joy of Less (borrowed from the library) to see if I could pick up any organizational tips. What my takeaway, instead, was a lovely and charming introduction to minimalism. I learned HOW look at my possessions and see them for what they are, to understand that finding a spot for everything and hiding my clutter was not necessarily what I wanted, that I should surround myself with things that were useful, made me happy, or gave me peace. That book changed the way I look at things and also the way that I look at my life. We are now working on our second international adoption. I have been selling everything that is not 100% necessary (and I thought that I had pared down before…I am amazed at what we still have!). People ask me how I can so easily sell our possessions. I really don’t think I could have before the epiphany I received years ago from reading this book. Money is tight, while we work to welcome a child from the China Special Needs program into our family. I would love to win the updated version. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I’ve gotten rid of extra kids clothes and baby stuff and it had made their room so much neater.

  • You know, your book Do Less has been the best minimalist book I’ve ever read – and I’ve read several! It’s been 2 years of slowly purging and only replacing what is necessary. My favorite and most helpful aspect of your book was the section on decision fatigue. It hit me with so much clarity and has really helped me pare down toys, clothes, crafts, etc. thank you for helping me catch the minimalism bug!

  • I’ve found that over the years as I’ve donated stuff, there really isn’t anything I miss! I always worry about if I’ll need it later, but that has never happened!

  • My kids are both grown up and married and I have no grandchildren. I still read your blog because the essence of it is still relevant to anyone seeking a happier life. I bought and read the Joy of Less 5 years ago. I have let go of my fantasy self. Such freedom to live now and appreciate every moment.

  • I would love a copy of this book to hold in my hand! It was the first minimalist book I ever read and still stands out to me as the best

  • Perfect timing! I’m going to be purging real soon because my sanity (and my family’s sanity) needs it! Thank you!

  • Would love to read this book! On a minimalist journey with a husband, 2 year old, and beagle in tow.

  • I have given up many commitments that served me well a while ago but that I realised were making me resentful. Life is more joyful without them :)

  • I’m starting to get rid of home office and art supplies that I will never use. I take them to a resource centre where teachers and artists can collect things for free. Why should stuff languish in our homes when others can use them?!

  • I’m excited about this book! Miss Minimalist was the first blog I ever read on minimalism when I hadn’t even heard of that concept before.

  • I’m in the process of living with less each week. This book would be a welcome addition INTO my home because there’s room for it on my shelf and it’ll help me nudge some other items out the door. :)

  • Our first big purge was when we moved from a five bedroom, for bathroom house to a one bedroom, one bathroom cabin. The entailed donating, gifting and trashing many truck loads of “stuff”. What a job!

  • I would LOVE a copy of this book! I have 8 kids and WAY too much stuff. I would love the peace that minimalism brings. Thanks so much!!! :)

  • I entered the draw but could not leave a comment…so here it is. I loved her original book that I borrowed from the local library. I rushed to finish it as the due date for it was approaching and someone else had requested it so I could not renew! She has incredible insight and clarity of thought in her writing. I have tried to minimize my household/life over the years and her perceptions and recommendations are spot on! I will buy the new book and I look forward to seeing what she has for new information.

  • I finally gave away the clothes I’d been trying to fit back into for YEARS. What a weight off my shoulders not to “see” them all the time and feel bad.

  • I always seem to be purging, but feel like I never make any progress. Love this blog! :)

  • This week we dug up and gave away my miniature roses to someone who really appreciated them. To me they had become a burden. I am even trying to simplify my garden and focus on edible landscaping.

  • I’ve let go of living the “perfect” life tomorrow. Always that tomorrow. I’ve decided to just live the life I want to live, today. Right now. No matter how imperfect, flawed, unprepared, unplanned and not “up to my standards” it is now. No more waiting to living the life I want has allowed me to take steps toward things that I want to do but have been postponing because society espouses that “A” must happen before you do “B” or that “A” must happen before you reach “B”.

    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  • After both my parents died 6 yrs. ago I inherited a HUGE collection of ornaments /pictures / books/ different collections they had cherished…… I took a HUGE gulp and sold / garage-saled / donated 99% of it all…. When I first started the ‘process’….I felt guilt and a sense of betrayal of ‘getting rid of’ THER possessions….BUT….they were now MY possessions…and I decided to only keep a few items I could display to honour their memory….. After the process (and guilty feelings) was completed months later I felt SO good!!! I didn’t NEED everything of theirs….photo albums I made up, and a few collectibles were perfect for me!

  • Just this week, I went through my dresser, getting rid of a whole bag of unused, never-would-wear-that-not-even-to-my-worst-enemy’s-funeral. But in the process, I found two dress shirts and two polo shirts that had never been worn. And they fit! Words cannot express how great I felt.

    If there ever was a family that needed to follow a step-by-step approach, such as this book shows, it’s ours. We have two full houses plus a business office all in our house. And we’re thinking about moving to a smaller place.

  • A big change was my husband deciding that he was okay with donating or gifting a lot of this books after he realized that he mostly like audiobooks or read digitally and didn’t need the physical books in our small studio. He kept a small amount of them (specialized topics) and downloaded the rest.

  • this book was one of the first to ignite the fire in my purging journey … would love to read the updated version!

  • I would love to win this book and start my minimalist journey. My husband and I were on the track on stuff and kept a simple life until our daughter is born. All the stuff just rush into our house. Hope I can find more insight in the new version of the book. Ps: I read the old one.

  • I’m constantly purging! The huge pile of paper I shredded last week was a huge release. But the box of clothes I handed down to my Godson a few years ago probably brings me the most joy. It was great to help out his family, and not have the clothes stuffed in my house! He is still growing into the clothes, and it brings me so much joy to see him wearing my son’s old clothes. Brings back memories that I would never be reminded of if the clothes was sitting in my attic.

  • I let go of all of my family’s clothes that we no longer wear. Knowing another family can use them and save a few bucks makes me very happy and keeps our house a little less cluttered.

  • I got rid of a lot of little trinkets and decorations. The empty space makes me so much more focused and productive. I wish I knew about minimalism sooner!

    Would love to win a copy of the book. I’d definitely write a review on it on my book blog too!

  • I gave away all my yarn after giving up knitting. Purging is sometimes hard though, especially with sentimental items.

  • We were holding on to a sleeper sofa in case we had visitors- we never do! Once we got rid of it, it was like a sigh of relief to get something that worked better for our family.

  • This books sounds great. Regardless if I win or not I think I should check it out. One of the things with being on a long road trip is that it shows yourself – & your children – how little you can happily live with. I can’t think of anything I have given away that has made my life easier although less clutter is nice. I have given away many things in the hopes that it has made other people’s lives easier – like our well loved double stroller.

  • Clothes that didn’t fit or I was just hoarding for silly reasons. It’s made a huge difference for me since I no longer look at something and beat myself up about them not fitting!

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