headshot1450px In the fall of 2010 I was a new mother stressed out and fed up with my families accumulation of stuff. That’s where this blog began. Me decluttering my home to find a bit more peace and space. Me decluttering and selling things to pay off a mountain of debt my husband and I had run up over many years. It wasn’t easy but it worked. And many years later I’m still sharing the power of minimalism and the joy found in wanting and having less stuff.

Since starting this journey we added a few more kids, moved house a few times, and moved overseas and back again. In 2017 we took a leap of faith and left the city for a slower life in a small town. It’s been hard work only made easier by having less stuff.

You can browse the archives to read more about our journey and you can also read more about the benefits of less in my books Do Less (Adams, 2014), The Minimalist Mom: How to Simply Parent Your Baby (Adams, 2016) and the upcoming The Joy of Doing Nothing (Adams, 2017).

You can contact me at the minimalist mom at gmail dot com and find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.