Living in a Small Space with a Baby


Wondering if you need to move into something bigger for baby’s arrival? Is your one bedroom and den too small for a family of three? Do babies need big houses? No, no and no. Our transition back to North America continues at a slow pace. We’re currently house-sitting until our tenants move out of our […]

Moving Tips


Our international move felt like it took five months. I guess it did as we made the decision to move back to Canada in January but didn’t leave the Isle of Man until June. That’s a lot of weekends to come up with things to do other than get the house ready for your move. […]

Going Slow To Go Fast


A phrase is often running through my head as I try to herd my young kids out the door: go slow to go fast. I first came across the concept in a Design Mom interview of Julie Sparrow (her blog The Monied is lighthearted examination of finances and investing). The mother of four was saying […]

How to Move with Less Stuff


We moved here with 14 boxes for three people. My goal for the move back: 20 boxes for five people. Achievable, right? Yes but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. There’s been a bit of pile up since we moved last summer. I was busy furnishing the place and then baby […]

The Next Adventure


Moving overseas was an easy decision to make four years ago. We were ready for a new adventure. My husband was ready for a career change. Our minds were open to trying a slower pace in a much smaller city. There was never a firm time line for how long we would stay. If you’re […]

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