Move or Buy a New(er) Car?


  We drove 2800 miles in the last year.  I had our little car serviced the other week and the technician told me he thinks we should easily get another year out of it. Good news as we did a little test run and we can just fit three car seats across the back seat. [...]

1 In, 2 Out: June


Why did I start this challenge? It’s kept me on my toes but it is really hard to keep track of things. Stuff is insidious. We received free t-shirts for our big walk and they were out of Chris’s size so I thought it was a good chance to get two workout tops I could [...]

Filling The Emptiness Is Easier With Less

IMG_1487 (2).jpg...just me

Sharing a personal story today from Vee – someone that I met through this blog and have kept in touch with as we both moved overseas. Some important reminders for me in this essay about being kind to yourself during big life changes and examining why you have things you don’t use or even like. [...]

The Power of Small Luxuries


Hosting gifts are always the same from me: food and drink. I’m bringing a bottle of wine or chocolates if I’m invited for dinner. If I really get my act together, and I think the host will appreciate them, I’ll bring flowers. While I’m partial to receiving consumable hosting gifts, if I think about it, [...]

Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time


Despite swearing off marathons a few years back, this spring I signed myself up for the 2014 Parish Walk. It’s a unique to the Isle of Man endurance event with an 85 mile course that runs the perimeter of the island. Finishers have to complete the course in under 24 hours. It’s intense. People with [...]

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