This No-Car Family Now Owns Two Vehicles


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Sometimes procrastination pays off. I am loathe to share this for all of you having your “what if I need it someday??!!!” panics as you part with pasta makers and that dress that hasn’t fit for a decade. But [...]

The Best No-Clutter Birthday Gift


If you have a late December birthday you know all too well how your special day can be overlooked in the mania of the holidays. It’s probably a combination of my introverted nature and some hasty celebrations in my formative years, but I’m not that concerned if my December birthday is marked with a big [...]

Three Boys, One Jacket


This comparison reminded me I need to take more photos with our ‘good’ camera. As most people are finding nowadays, we have lots of photos but the picture quality is on the low end. Also, our middle son will probably get the “you’re the milkman’s kid” comment as he looks very little like his brothers [...]

Would You Ever Build a Tiny Home?


Photo Credit: Shelter No. 1 by Carmella Rayone Tiny House Nation The last few years we have sourced all of our screen entertainment from an Apple TV. When we moved into our new digs last summer the cable for the TV was so accessible we decided to plug it in and see if we liked [...]

Clutter Beyond the Boxes


We’re also overwhelmed by the intangible detritus of 21st-century life: unreturned emails; unprinted family photos; the ceaseless ticker of other people’s lives on Facebook; the heightened demands of parenting; and the suspicion that we’ll be checking our phones every 15 minutes, forever. I can sit in an empty room, and still get nothing done. - Pamela [...]

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