Living in a Small Space with a Baby


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Wondering if you need to move into something bigger for baby’s arrival? Is your one bedroom and den too small for a family of three? Do babies need big houses? No, no and no. Our transition back to North […]

Moving Tips


Our international move felt like it took five months. I guess it did as we made the decision to move back to Canada in January but didn’t leave the Isle of Man until June. That’s a lot of weekends to come up with things to do other than get the house ready for your move. […]

Going Slow To Go Fast


A phrase is often running through my head as I try to herd my young kids out the door: go slow to go fast. I first came across the concept in a Design Mom interview of Julie Sparrow (her blog The Monied is lighthearted examination of finances and investing). The mother of four was saying […]

How to Move with Less Stuff


We moved here with 14 boxes for three people. My goal for the move back: 20 boxes for five people. Achievable, right? Yes but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. There’s been a bit of pile up since we moved last summer. I was busy furnishing the place and then baby […]

The Next Adventure


Moving overseas was an easy decision to make four years ago. We were ready for a new adventure. My husband was ready for a career change. Our minds were open to trying a slower pace in a much smaller city. There was never a firm time line for how long we would stay. If you’re […]

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