Simplifying When Your Family is Expanding


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!   Child number three due any day here. The only tell around here is my belly. No nursery being painted. No boxes of strollers or swings or furniture to be assembled. The only thing I’m anxious about, again, is [...]

Buy More, Want More


After all your good advice, I got to work on our living room/dining room area. I thought that spending my dollars and time on getting one room to a happy place for me would, as suggested by several readers, help me enjoy living here more. While I can’t say I am thrilled or excited by [...]

Is Happiness an Eat-In Kitchen and Good Water Pressure?


Do you remember the first apartment or house you lived in after leaving your parent’s home? My first living on my own experience was in a dorm room and after that I lived in a succession of inexpensive housing situations. Four bedroom apartments with the smallest of communal areas and the lightest and thinnest doors. [...]

Move or Buy a New(er) Car?


  We drove 2800 miles in the last year.  I had our little car serviced the other week and the technician told me he thinks we should easily get another year out of it. Good news as we did a little test run and we can just fit three car seats across the back seat. [...]

1 In, 2 Out: June


Why did I start this challenge? It’s kept me on my toes but it is really hard to keep track of things. Stuff is insidious. We received free t-shirts for our big walk and they were out of Chris’s size so I thought it was a good chance to get two workout tops I could [...]

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