What Should You Choose: Money or Time?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!  I think I try to choose time over money in my life. In fact, I think the value of time was one of my bigger takeaways when we started getting into minimalism, decluttering and paying off debt with ‘gazelle

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Minimalist-ish Family Series: Kendal Gerard

Another post in the Minimalist-ish Family Series and this time it’s a young family deciding to love the space they’re in right now… even if it’s a lot smaller than they planned for. 1.) Tell us about your family, who you are, where you live and things that you love: We’re a new family of

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The Only Constant is Change

As I told Brooke on her podcast, we seem to like regular big changes in our life yet, I wouldn’t say my husband or I are great at adapting quickly to new places and routines. Our move and transition back to Canada from the Isle of Man last year left me feeling like a bag

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The Liebster Award and a Cringe Worthy Expat Faux Pas

The Luxpats nominated me for a Liebster award a while back (winners answer a series of questions about travel) and I took the challenge! I think this may be a first for me – I’m terrible about getting tagged in these types of things – but I loved the questions for this. Plus mining through

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Minimalist-ish Family Series: Dawn from At Home in a Nutshell

Starting a new series on the blog! I get so many questions about how people implement minimalism with kids, in small homes and big homes, rural or city, many kids or just one. So, I thought I would start sharing other families stories. What inspired them to live with less and how they make it

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