Do You Really Need a Nursery?

We arrived home from the hospital with no bed for our new baby. It wasn’t a case of ardent minimalism that left Wil with no bed. Nor was it a case of being unprepared. We just assumed that he would be like our first child and only sleep for a long stretch in our bed, [...]

3 Things You Can Skip Buying For A New Baby

I have a new post up at Home Your Way on, you guessed it, simplifying with a new baby. Our second child arrived in January. We are in the throes of soft newborn snuggles and middle of the night feedings. It is a wonderful time, and I’m relishing these early days. The dark circles under [...]

A Different Clock

Wil arrived a week ago. The Coles notes version is an ‘easy’ labour: we arrived at the hospital at 8am, I was in the labor pool at 9am and I pulled Wil out of the water and onto my chest at 9:54am. I’ll save you from the longer version that starts at noon the previous [...]

A Return To Competitive Shopping

Summer 2004: I am not going to the Olympics. I am devastated. I am also living in dorms with my friends and teammates that are going to the Olympics. And training at the same lake with them. And eating at the same breakfast table. I cannot escape my failure. I can, however, try and buy [...]

Preparing For A New Baby: 26 Weeks


  Apologies for the impromptu blog break last week and many thanks for the encouraging words about the M word. I want to reiterate that I haven’t abandoned this blog or living with less. Just working, as I always am, on finding a balance with our possessions and commitments. The silence last week was mostly [...]

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