Living in a Small Space with a Baby


Wondering if you need to move into something bigger for baby’s arrival? Is your one bedroom and den too small for a family of three? Do babies need big houses? No, no and no. Our transition back to North America continues at a slow pace. We’re currently house-sitting until our tenants move out of our […]

Bye Bye Baby Stuff


  Original photo by Shan Fisher When did you get rid of the baby clothes? Was it when you felt you were done having children? Was it after the child outgrew it? Did any of you brave souls, knowing you would probably have more children, decide to give all of it away to keep life […]

Do You Really Need a Nursery?

We arrived home from the hospital with no bed for our new baby. It wasn’t a case of ardent minimalism that left Wil with no bed. Nor was it a case of being unprepared. We just assumed that he would be like our first child and only sleep for a long stretch in our bed, […]

3 Things You Can Skip Buying For A New Baby

I have a new post up at Home Your Way on, you guessed it, simplifying with a new baby. Our second child arrived in January. We are in the throes of soft newborn snuggles and middle of the night feedings. It is a wonderful time, and I’m relishing these early days. The dark circles under […]

A Different Clock

Wil arrived a week ago. The Coles notes version is an ‘easy’ labour: we arrived at the hospital at 8am, I was in the labor pool at 9am and I pulled Wil out of the water and onto my chest at 9:54am. I’ll save you from the longer version that starts at noon the previous […]

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