I Don’t Want Your Free Stuff

I don’t want the free t-shirt with entry. I don’t want the pen from the bank, the cheap umbrella that comes free with purchase or the gift bag. Please save me from the gift bag. The overly perfumed soaps and the vouchers for so many things I will never buy. Save me from having to […]

Decision Fatigue

One strong reason to simplify: decision fatigue. The more we have to decide in our life, the stronger the chance we’ll make poor choices. This article in the New York Times, Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue, gives a good overview of how decision fatigue affects our modern lives. There’s a reason we find it […]

The Simple Year

This is a guest post from Kerry Reifel of The Simple Year. Kerry is sharing her story of simplifying and offering a very unique opportunity to share yours. Read on for more details. Thanks, Kerry! What makes life simpler? Is it an organized spice rack? Could it be wash and go hair? Is meditation the […]

What If I Give Away Something I Eventually Need Again?

Long time no blog. What can I say, I’ve been hanging with this guy, his brother and the patriarch of the family. When I have some spare moments, usually while nursing, I am reading. Recently enjoyed The Light Between Oceans and stayed up a bit too late with a baby asleep in my lap while […]

Forget Resolutions: Make a Habit to Simplify in 2013

This is an excerpt from my latest post for Home Your Way. You can read the entire post here. In my late teens and 20s I was an athlete. I worked out a lot. Eighteen workouts a week for 48-50 weeks of the year. Most of the workouts were out on a lake rowing in […]

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