Small Change Can Change The World

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   I’m pulling some popular posts from my archives this week and I have a new post up at Life Your Way: Why Simple Is So Much Work. This post caused quite a splash when it was first published in November of 2010. A few radical minimalist writers took […]

Getting Over The Want

I’m putting up some popular post from my archives this week. Today: getting over the want. This was one of two posts on the subject of getting over the want of more and better things. You can find Part 2 here. This is such an important concept and habit to make once you’ve decluttered your […]

Thinner, Richer, Smarter: The Magic Bullet

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   If you’re new to the idea of minimalism or stumbled upon this site while searching for a method for deciding what shoes to keep (1. you have to be able to walk one mile in them and 2. you have to have worn them in the last year) […]

Be Patient for Change (With Yourself and Others)

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   One of my many writing projects is a book about how we got out of debt. As I piece together a timeline of numbers and milestones, it’s been interesting to see the process, how it started, how it kept going. How some of the changes we made took […]

I’m Not Busy (And I’m Proud of It)

Source: via modflowers on Pinterest   If you want to stop by for coffee or tea just let me know when. We don’t have a lot of things on this week. Or if you need a hand with something just ask. I have plenty of time. Or if you want to go to the […]

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