The Best No-Clutter Birthday Gift


If you have a late December birthday you know all too well how your special day can be overlooked in the mania of the holidays. It’s probably a combination of my introverted nature and some hasty celebrations in my formative years, but I’m not that concerned if my December birthday is marked with a big […]

The Simplest Gift

      We’ve received some lovely little clothes for our second son since he arrived. Lovely notes in the mail and hugs and texts and emails of congratulations. Along with the thoughtful notes and tiny clothes, we’ve received meals. We had a weekend of incredible dinners brought to us, enough for a feast and […]

The 10 Signs of a Bad Gift

Just eight days until Christmas. Eight days to get yourself in a panic when you unexpectedly receive a gift from someone and having nothing to give in return but your thanks. Eight days to think “it’s just not enough” and heat up your credit card with impulse purchases. Eight days to buy a bad gift. […]

Simple Holidays: What Worked Last Year?

I know we’re still a few weeks away from US Thanksgiving so some of you may be irked that I’m already writing about the big winter holidays. But if you’re preparing for turkey-fest 2012 you can still put a bit of thought on what will happen in the weeks after. I’ll be writing about the […]

Is It Rude To Ask For No Gifts?


Third birthday parties can be overwhelming for all involved. We’re all still recovering here from the fun and frenzy of Henry’s birthday weekend. Unlike the last two years we celebrated this milestone with what is for us a large party. Almost 40 of our friends and their children helped us mark the day with a […]

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