Simple Holidays: What Worked Last Year?

I know we’re still a few weeks away from US Thanksgiving so some of you may be irked that I’m already writing about the big winter holidays. But if you’re preparing for turkey-fest 2012 you can still put a bit of thought on what will happen in the weeks after. I’ll be writing about the […]

Is It Rude To Ask For No Gifts?


Third birthday parties can be overwhelming for all involved. We’re all still recovering here from the fun and frenzy of Henry’s birthday weekend. Unlike the last two years we celebrated this milestone with what is for us a large party. Almost 40 of our friends and their children helped us mark the day with a […]

Leaving Minimalism


The title Minimalist Mom isn’t that accurate for me. If you’ve read a few posts here you’ll know that I aim for less and what we can live comfortably with rather than a rigid goal of a handful of possessions. I chose the name while in a burst of zeal for the idea of what […]

Your Clutter Coach

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   Sometimes you need more help than a book or a blog can give you. Sometimes you need a friend to remind you to donate those bags of unworn clothing that are sitting in your basement. Sometimes you need someone to make a plan for you, motivate you and […]

4 Easy Ways To Change Your World This Christmas


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the more, more, more and bigger and better this time of year. I still struggle with it. I see people in town with huge bags of gifts and I think, am I taking something vital away from my son’s childhood or my family’s happiness? Are we missing out by […]

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