Your Clutter Coach

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   Sometimes you need more help than a book or a blog can give you. Sometimes you need a friend to remind you to donate those bags of unworn clothing that are sitting in your basement. Sometimes you need someone to make a plan for you, motivate you and […]

Are You Raising Your Kids to be Hoarders?


This is a guest post from Lorilee Lippincott from Loving Simple Living. Commercial society has done a great job filling up kids lives. Couple that with the fact that houses keep getting bigger and most kids are now getting their own rooms. Kids have room for more and more stuff. Retail has done a great […]

Crafting an Authentic and Purposeful Life

I’m excited to bring this guest post from Amber Strocel of Crafting My Life (Amber has written here before). I hope you like her message and steps for creating purpose in your life. These topics are near and dear to me as I continue to work towards a freelance writing career (about 20% of the […]

4 Ways to Live With Less Stuff, More Fulfillment

This is a guest post from Rachel Denning of Been a crazy week for me personally. I am currently in Vancouver for 2 weeks to spend time with Chris as he waits for a new passport and UK visa. I’ve had this post saved for a little while and am excited to share it […]

Minimalist Travel: Living on the Road with 4 Children


This is another guest post from the Smeenks, a Canadian family of 6 traveling overseas indefinitely. You can read Jenn’s initial post about preparing to leave Canada and how they let go of their possessions here. It’s a great read. Particularly if you have a larger home or many children. Today Jenn is going to […]

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