Go Zen – Instead of Frantic – for the Holidays

  Confession: I’ve been thinking about and looking forward to the winter holidays since before Halloween. Our oldest has an October birthday and it feels like the kick off to a fun few months. Fun but sometimes a bit too busy. Enjoyable but sometimes stressful. Exciting but sometimes with a hint of panic. We’re having […]

Hello 2013

  Reflecting on 2012 and gearing up for 2013 here. And trying to get a lot of long walks in as my due date approaches. We grew in some areas and continued to cut back in others in 2012. Balance, right? We moved into a bigger home. In April we moved out of our our […]

Wishing You Well

  It isn’t shiny but our kinda minimalist Christmas tree is beautiful. I’m terribly un-crafty but the gingerbread ornaments, cinnamon sticks with ribbon and strings of cranberries were easy in terms of time and skill. My attempt at popcorn strings was a fail (took too long) and I never got around to making orange slices. […]

The 10 Signs of a Bad Gift

Just eight days until Christmas. Eight days to get yourself in a panic when you unexpectedly receive a gift from someone and having nothing to give in return but your thanks. Eight days to think “it’s just not enough” and heat up your credit card with impulse purchases. Eight days to buy a bad gift. […]

90 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

 90 Clutter Free Gift Ideas Are you getting complaints that you’re impossible to buy for since you de-clutterred your life and home? Or do you have a simple living enthusiast in your life that you’re struggling to find a gift for? Here is a list of 90 clutter free gifts to give and receive this […]

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