But I Want It Now


  Money can’t buy happiness but right now it could buy me something that would give me more time. Time and fluffy towels. As of last Friday I am obsessed with the idea of getting a dryer. Yes, we’re still hanging everything to dry. Line drying is great for the environment and our wallet but [...]

One In, Two Out: March


Things just creep into your home. They really do. Last month I reported a stellar eight to one ratio. Well it seems I missed something: our friends gave us a bag of train track that I completely forgot about. Side note: we’re loving it and it’s taken our track building to the next level. I’m [...]

One In, Two Out: February


I haven’t forgotten my commitment to track how much comes in, and goes out, of my home this year. We have a running tally on our chalkboard (just a sticker chalkboard as we’re renting and I’m loath to put holes in the wall) of the new shoes that come in, old shoes that go out, the [...]

Treat Yourself to the Luxury of Simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci Many people equate minimalism or voluntary simplicity with austerity or deprivation. They picture minimalism as cold hard days with the most basic of meals and a home that echos with emptiness- instead of seeing what remains they see what is no longer there. Minimalism or living [...]

On Cake and Having it All

Delia Ephron wrote an essay about cake and having it all in the New York Times. It’s stuck with me since I read it a day ago and I really wanted to share the link here. Having it all seems to breed wanting more. And since we can’t have it all because it is statistically [...]

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