Have you heard of Cohousing?


This is a guest post from Mackenzie Stonehocker, reader and Cohousing organizer. We’ve been exchanging emails about cohousing and I asked Mackenzie if she would guest post here on the blog. She kindly agreed. I love this concept. It seems ideal for a lot of people: less of the upkeep of being a sole home […]

Can You KonMari with Kids?


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been everywhere this year. After some of my sisters and friends got on KonMari kicks I decided to do some folding even though I haven’t finished the book (keep getting distracted by books like the new Mindy Kaling). Historically I’ve mostly thrown the kid’s clothing into drawers. […]

Should You Keep Your Formal Dinnerware?


Not minimalist: I really like our formal wedding china. We left several boxes of breakables with family while we were away and it was fun to be reunited with some almost forgotten items on our return. Fun and strange. Four years ago my pre-kids self was still fresh in my mind. I thought I would […]

Vancouver: Are You Worth The Price?


After four years away from the lovely Vancouver, I wondered, would we love it just as much as we had before we left? Vancouver is a beautiful city. It’s surrounded by mountains and water and it is consistently rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world. People famously say you could ski […]

Moving Tips


Our international move felt like it took five months. I guess it did as we made the decision to move back to Canada in January but didn’t leave the Isle of Man until June. That’s a lot of weekends to come up with things to do other than get the house ready for your move. […]

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