24 Clutter-Free Advent Calendar Ideas


We’re settling in with our new baby here so I’ll be sharing a few updated posts from the archives in the next few weeks with many of them focused on holidays traditions. I yearned for an advent calendar growing up. I thought they were the height of cool and reserved for the rich. The calendars [...]

Buy More, Want More


After all your good advice, I got to work on our living room/dining room area. I thought that spending my dollars and time on getting one room to a happy place for me would, as suggested by several readers, help me enjoy living here more. While I can’t say I am thrilled or excited by [...]

Is Happiness an Eat-In Kitchen and Good Water Pressure?


Do you remember the first apartment or house you lived in after leaving your parent’s home? My first living on my own experience was in a dorm room and after that I lived in a succession of inexpensive housing situations. Four bedroom apartments with the smallest of communal areas and the lightest and thinnest doors. [...]

Move or Buy a New(er) Car?


  We drove 2800 miles in the last year.  I had our little car serviced the other week and the technician told me he thinks we should easily get another year out of it. Good news as we did a little test run and we can just fit three car seats across the back seat. [...]

1 In, 2 Out: June


Why did I start this challenge? It’s kept me on my toes but it is really hard to keep track of things. Stuff is insidious. We received free t-shirts for our big walk and they were out of Chris’s size so I thought it was a good chance to get two workout tops I could [...]

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