Do You Really Need That Big Fridge?


Grocery delivery has come to Vancouver. Talk about good timing for me. Save-On-Foods, our kinda middle of the road price wise, big selection, grocery chain started offering grocery delivery recently. They offer some nice incentives to get people started, free delivery on first order, $10 off second order, and while I took the freebies I […]

Turning Clutter into Cash for Christmas


Are you looking ahead to the holidays and thinking a) it’s going to be expensive and b) I need to get this house cleared out? You’re not alone. The holidays can be a very stressful time. Big expectations, big commitments and very little time to get to those to-do list items checked off. We work, […]

Space Saving With Kids: Toddler Bunk Beds


People keep asking us how we like our home since we moved back in as a family of five. It’s great. I’m enjoying the space and the view and the kids really like it. The floor plan works well with young kids. Room enough for them to find a quiet corner if they want to […]

How To Love Your Ugly Kitchen


Our kitchen really bothered me when we bought this place six years ago. This kitchen was a significant downgrade from the compact but modern kitchen of our previous home. No gas range, no smooth granite counter tops and although we had increased our square footage considerably, our new kitchen was as small or perhaps smaller […]

Simple City Living, Failures as Confidence Builders and My Next Venture


Has the ‘worst thing’ ever happened to you? In the realm of non-life threatening life disappointments I know many of us often fear this ‘worst thing’: not getting the job, failing a course, setting a very public goal and missing it by a mile or even just an inch. Often the fear of the bad […]

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