Another No-Gift First Birthday


My first born and third born on their first birthdays. Note the homemade monkey smash cake for #1 and the simple cupcakes made with assistance of second born for #3’s first birthday. You’re just as loved third baby but mama has less baking time and way less ambition. This no-gift birthday was harder to pull […]

Where I Confess I Like Our Minivan (But I Love My Kick Scooter)


Blog Housekeeping: I’ve moved email subscribers off of the Feedburner email service and onto the MailChimp email service. This was long overdue as the Feedburner service is no longer being supported. If you’re an email subscriber and aren’t receiving emails please check your spam folder. You can always subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. We […]

Space Saving With Kids: Toddler Bunk Beds


People keep asking us how we like our home since we moved back in as a family of five. It’s great. I’m enjoying the space and the view and the kids really like it. The floor plan works well with young kids. Room enough for them to find a quiet corner if they want to […]

I Hate Thrift Stores But I Love Buying Second Hand


Have you ever hit resale burnout? You might have kept an eye on Craigslist or Kijiji for a few weeks looking for a stroller liner or a winter jacket and even missed out on a few that came up and were sold immediately. Or you have had items listed for weeks and had a lot […]

When You Don’t Have A Backyard


Houses certainly have their appeal when you have three kids. It would be a joy to open the door and tell the kids to go play outside – while I had a coffee and read the paper. “Go play outside” was a constant refrain from my childhood. It was the 80s and we had free […]

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