10 Books to Inspire Simplicity & Generosity in Kids

Are there gifts you can give that are either clutter free or inspire simplicity and generosity? Kicking off a series of posts on clutter free or minimalist inspired gifts with 10 Books to Inspire Simplicity & Generosity in Kids. Want to discuss big topics like consumerism, minimalism and materialism with a five year-old? These books are [...]

Go Zen – Instead of Frantic – for the Holidays

  Confession: I’ve been thinking about and looking forward to the winter holidays since before Halloween. Our oldest has an October birthday and it feels like the kick off to a fun few months. Fun but sometimes a bit too busy. Enjoyable but sometimes stressful. Exciting but sometimes with a hint of panic. We’re having [...]

Simple Baby: Introducing Solids

Talking about feeding babies today. I am not a healthcare professional, just a parent, and it is always best to consult with your doctor on the best way to feed your baby. Our first born was not interested in solid food until he was one. I tried many many times in many many ways to [...]

Books on Minimalism for Kids

  We do still have some books. While there aren’t too many on the shelf my Kindle over-floweth. Reading Life after Life right now and finished The Fault in Our Stars before that. On a popular fiction streak. By far Henry, and now Wil, have the biggest collection. We’re still in a train stage so [...]

The Super Simple Cloth Diaper System

Cloth diapering doesn’t simplify my life. There. I said it. It doesn’t simplify my life but I like it.¬† For the cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Plus I think cloth diapers look really cute. For those reasons I don’t mind that I run an extra load of laundry every other day and that one [...]

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