Living in a Small Space with a Baby


Wondering if you need to move into something bigger for baby’s arrival? Is your one bedroom and den too small for a family of three? Do babies need big houses? No, no and no. Our transition back to North America continues at a slow pace. We’re currently house-sitting until our tenants move out of our […]

Going Slow To Go Fast


A phrase is often running through my head as I try to herd my young kids out the door: go slow to go fast. I first came across the concept in a Design Mom interview of Julie Sparrow (her blog The Monied is lighthearted examination of finances and investing). The mother of four was saying […]

Bye Bye Baby Stuff


  Original photo by Shan Fisher When did you get rid of the baby clothes? Was it when you felt you were done having children? Was it after the child outgrew it? Did any of you brave souls, knowing you would probably have more children, decide to give all of it away to keep life […]

Three Boys, One Jacket


This comparison reminded me I need to take more photos with our ‘good’ camera. As most people are finding nowadays, we have lots of photos but the picture quality is on the low end. Also, our middle son will probably get the “you’re the milkman’s kid” comment as he looks very little like his brothers […]

Do Less this Christmas


Welcome to the world little man! Our third son was born just a few weeks ago and we are thrilled to be a family of five. As I planned and expected it’s been a very low-key couple of weeks that should continue to be quiet right into January. I planned to take to my bed […]

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