24 Clutter-Free Advent Calendar Ideas


We’re settling in with our new baby here so I’ll be sharing a few updated posts from the archives in the next few weeks with many of them focused on holidays traditions. I yearned for an advent calendar growing up. I thought they were the height of cool and reserved for the rich. The calendars [...]

Simplifying When Your Family is Expanding


  Child number three due any day here. The only tell around here is my belly. No nursery being painted. No boxes of strollers or swings or furniture to be assembled. The only thing I’m anxious about, again, is childcare while I’m in labor. We’re lucky to have a few people on call for different [...]

Not So Minimalist: Expanding Your Family


Huge thank you for all of the support last week as Do Less launched. It was a bestseller in several categories on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca! Winners of the book giveaway have been notified. Should we have a third child? The question has been pulled and pushed around my home many times since our second child [...]

GIVEAWAY: Do Less is now available!


Today I am checking one big goal off my life list: Publish a book May 2014 While I have self-published a book before, Do Less: A Minimalist Guide to a Simplified, Organized and Happy Life is my first book with a publisher. My first book that you can order in stores or online and that [...]

Can a Simple Childhood be Magical?


I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical, by the author of The Honest Toddler, has stuck with me since I first read it over a month ago. Rarely do I read about or meet another parent that openly says, I’m not doing the crafts/themed birthday parties/surprise everything. It was refreshing. I’m not immune to self-doubt [...]

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