The Simplest Gift

      We’ve received some lovely little clothes for our second son since he arrived. Lovely notes in the mail and hugs and texts and emails of congratulations. Along with the thoughtful notes and tiny clothes, we’ve received meals. We had a weekend of incredible dinners brought to us, enough for a feast and […]

Leaving Minimalism


The title Minimalist Mom isn’t that accurate for me. If you’ve read a few posts here you’ll know that I aim for less and what we can live comfortably with rather than a rigid goal of a handful of possessions. I chose the name while in a burst of zeal for the idea of what […]

Simplify For Fall: Kitchen & Meal Plan


This week I’m following along with the Life Your Way Simplify for Fall Challenge. Six days, six areas of the home to simplify. I’ll be sharing my progress here all week. Simplify your: Kitchen & Meal Plan Time I spent on this task: 3-4 hours *half of that was meal planning and organizing grocery delivery […]

No Machine Will Change Your Life

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   The other week I went to a demonstration dinner for a kitchen appliance called a Thermomix. A friend wanted to buy one and was hosting a dinner so we could all see the miracle machine in action. I’ll admit it: I was impressed. It could make bread dough […]

Take A Bow

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest   A reader recently emailed me with her story of conquering debt and simplifying. Over a year ago she and her husband were mulling over all the extras they would buy and do with an upcoming increase in income. It was regular stuff, stuff that I know well: renovations […]

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