Your Clutter Coach


Sometimes you need more help than a book or a blog can give you.

Sometimes you need a friend to remind you to donate those bags of unworn clothing that are sitting in your basement.

Sometimes you need someone to make a plan for you, motivate you and keep you accountable.

Sometimes you need a Clutter Coach.

I get a lot of emails asking for help. I always respond (even it takes me a while) with advice, suggestion and encouragement.

And I always wonder, did they carve out a weekend to clean out that attic? Are they in the throes of home purging and feeling beaten by the process? Did they pull out some boxes from under their bed, lose a few hours looking through old junk, and then decide it was all too much work?

For some time I’ve wanted to help beyond the posts on this blog. Something very personal for paring down and living smaller.

A book wasn’t the answer. There are already some great books out there like Family-Sized Minimalism and Clutter Bootcamp for inspiration and how-to. A book can’t hold your hand, give you a kick in the butt or suggest another method for dealing with all that mail.

I want to do those things.

I want to see closets go from jam packed to roomy.

I want to help people get more sleep.

I want to find solutions for the mud room clutter that can be so hard to reign in.

So I’ve started something new.

Your Clutter Coach

This is for people that:

  • can’t make the time to declutter even after reading a lot of books and blogs on the subject
  • get sidetracked by old photos and trinkets every time they attempt to clean out the guest room
  • have pared down their stuff but it crept back quickly
  • need motivation and accountability to clear clutter for good

Your Clutter Coach is a personalized decluttering program. It’s tailored to your lifestyle, your needs and your schedule. It’s me kicking your butt and you kicking ass.

You can read more about the services here.

If you’re interested in the program I am currently giving away one free Four Week Clutter Coaching Program at Parenting with Crappy Pictures (if you haven’t visited this site before it is hilarious). The giveaway is open until Tuesday May 8th at 8pm PST. Head on over to read the details and enter.

PS. This will be the only time I mention Your Clutter Coach in a big post like this.

Consumer Types, Sharing Lingerie and Minimalist Mondays

What type of consumer are you?

I was reading the bio of Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate and was a) impressed (head over to read about the super small list of things that she will buy new) and b) immediately knew that I am not a non-consumer like Katy. While I am getting into Swap Meets and I will buy used on Craigslist, I still like new for a lot of things. I like new clothes. I’m interested in visiting consignment stores and shopping around when my small wardrobe needs a boost but I’m not close to taking on oath on swearing off stores.

My style of minimalism and consumerism is probably closer to Serena at EverydayMinimalist. Her tag is “living with less, but only the best” and that sums it up for me too. I’d also love it if my wardrobe was a pared down version of Serena’s.


Yes, I accept second hand lingerie. I guess I have one up on The Non-Consumer Advocate with this one. This is probably the only instance I would even think of taking second hand bras. Reasons:

  • from my twin sister so I know the source well
  • the ones I kept from her discards were practically new
  • I’m still fluctuating in bra size from nursing. Don’t want to waste $ on bras I won’t wear long

What’s your call? If you were in the same position as me would you wear an excellent condition and expensive bra from a good friend?


Jorje’s starting a Minimalist Monday series on her blog. Go check it out and get inspired. Her plans are to move into an RV in the future so she has lots of motivation to declutter. I really enjoy declutter photos so hopefully she keeps posting them for us.

Jorje: please tell us how to pronounce your name. I’m sure I am saying it wrong in my head.

Have a great weekend and remember to unplug!

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Project 333: dresses, button downs, accessories and wrap-up

Two years ago I had a lot of dresses in my closet. I preferred skirts and dresses for work mostly because I find pants are difficult for me to find. I’m six feet tall and wear a 12 or 14. I need a 34 – 36 inch inseam in jeans and dress pants. A size 14 off the rack fits my former rower thighs, is baggy at the waist and two to three inches too short in the legs. I know the recommendation is to buy big and then get items tailored.

The things is, if you’re going to spend the $ on tailoring you need to a) buy items of good quality and b) be a consistent size.

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Project 333: 2 pairs of jeans

A friend emailed me last week that she has gone minimalish (love this word!) and is working on her wardrobe. It was a heavy dose of inspiration from moi and Katy that sent her on a closet purge. This friend won’t be living with 100 things, or a 1000, but she likes the concept of less stuff and more time. I love that she is so open minded to embrace some change.

Said friend just took a load of items to consignment. Among her cast offs were 8 pairs of jeans and that left her with 12 pairs in her closet. No judging! This is what I love about getting minimalish. Take things to the level that you are comfortable with. For some that is 12 pairs of jeans, for me that’s just two pairs. And right now, for young Henry, that’s just one pair of jeans.

Henry and his one pair of jeans have taught me a few things in my relatively brief tenure in motherhood.

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Project 333: getting casual

Last week I wrote about shoes and outerwear for Henry and I and what we have in our 33 items.

This week it’s about casual clothing. Really casual clothing.

Technically lounge wear isn’t included in the 33 items. And technically my Lululemon yoga pants, hoodie and zip jacket are lounge or workout wear.

But I’m being honest here: I wear these clothes as daily wear at least once a week. No, I’m not running to yoga or leaving the gym in them. I’m usually hitting up story time at the library in this ensemble or marching over the bridge to a doctor’s appointment.

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