Your Clutter Coach

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   Sometimes you need more help than a book or a blog can give you. Sometimes you need a friend to remind you to donate those bags of unworn clothing that are sitting in your basement. Sometimes you need someone to make a plan for you, motivate you and […]

Consumer Types, Sharing Lingerie and Minimalist Mondays

What type of consumer are you? I was reading the bio of Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate and was a) impressed (head over to read about the super small list of things that she will buy new) and b) immediately knew that I am not a non-consumer like Katy. While I am getting into Swap […]

Project 333: 2 pairs of jeans

my sweaters

A friend emailed me last week that she has gone minimalish (love this word!) and is working on her wardrobe. It was a heavy dose of inspiration from moi and Katy that sent her on a closet purge. This friend won’t be living with 100 things, or a 1000, but she likes the concept of […]

Project 333: getting casual


Last week I wrote about shoes and outerwear for Henry and I and what we have in our 33 items. This week it’s about casual clothing. Really casual clothing. Technically lounge wear isn’t included in the 33 items. And technically my Lululemon yoga pants, hoodie and zip jacket are lounge or workout wear. But I’m […]

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