Are you FOMO-ing your life away?

Two and a half years ago I deleted my personal Facebook account. Biggest reason for the change: I was wasting a lot of time reading about other people’s lives instead of living my own. I’ve had fleeting thoughts of opening another account since we moved overseas. I know it’s an easy way to be ‘in […]

A 24 Hour Challenge to Unplug

Source: via Sabbath on Pinterest   I did it last year and I’m doing it again this year. Last year I took a week offline. It was eye opening and restorative and challenging. I learned a lot. It was similar to a nutritional cleanse: at the end of it I felt ready to commit […]

Alone Together

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest   Have you ever had your laptop slammed shut by a toddler? My son did that to me a while back. I was writing an email to a friend and he came over and flipped the screen down. He wanted me to come and play with him and it […]

The $10 Worth Of Toys That Replaces $15,000


If you’re interested in Minimalism and other bloggers/writers check out this piece in Wandr’y magazine profiling a half dozen people that have made the move to less. Interesting to see how a lot of us writing about living with less were inspired by each other. Chris, Henry and I get a little shout out in […]

Leaving Minimalism


The title Minimalist Mom isn’t that accurate for me. If you’ve read a few posts here you’ll know that I aim for less and what we can live comfortably with rather than a rigid goal of a handful of possessions. I chose the name while in a burst of zeal for the idea of what […]

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