The Upside of Using Old Technology


There are two things I have been expecting to break for the past two months: my cell phone and our car. The cell phone, despite being dropped repeatedly, chewed and stored in the dusty confines of my handbag, ticks on (so does the car but there are many indications its days are numbered). It’s startling [...]

Is It Time to Unplug?


Do you have multiple cell phones? Do you find it hard to get through a conversation without posting an update to Facebook? Do you take your iPad to the beach on vacation? Is your computer always on?  - National Day of Unplugging The future is here. We can do so much with a piece of [...]

Week Six: Endings & Beginnings


  Is this the end or the beginning? If you kept up with the tasks, a pat on the back to you. It’s hard to keep that momentum going right into February. Congratulations to everyone that just increased their home size without increasing their mortgage. It always feels good to make your home an easier [...]

Week Six: The Insanity of Commuting by Car


Two more posts left in the Clutter Cleanse. Wrapping things up tomorrow so we can all celebrate or ignore Valentine’s Day on Friday. Please remember today as you read: don’t shoot the messenger. This is going to scare a lot of you. You will leave comments telling us that you are the exception to these [...]

Week Six: Asking Hard Questions


How’s your home looking? More importantly, how are you feeling about stuff, your attachment to it and what those small buying choices ad up to after a few years? This is the week to stop selling DVDs on Amazon or getting rid of those cute on the hangar but painful in-person bras. This week is [...]

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