The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015

Quick note to let you know about the biggest and best ebook sale that is happening right now. If you follow this blog you know I rarely mention sales like these but this one really is the deal of all deals. Every spring the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale brings together a huge list of authors […]

What’s for Dinner?


What’s for dinner? I remember asking my mother this countless times. There were six of us so I can only imagine how irritating it must have been to get the same question six times daily. Now it’s my turn. My five year-old keeps asking what the evening meal will be. It’s a new thing. Pretty […]

The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle


Huge ebook bundle sale starts today. This sale was very popular last year so I was delighted to be asked to have a book in it again this year. Read on for more info about the sale and a list of my picks from the library. By popular demand, 100+ homemaking authors are bringing back […]

The Upside of Using Old Technology


There are two things I have been expecting to break for the past two months: my cell phone and our car. The cell phone, despite being dropped repeatedly, chewed and stored in the dusty confines of my handbag, ticks on (so does the car but there are many indications its days are numbered). It’s startling […]

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