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  • I have taken 3 days off from work a month for the next 6 months to PURGE my house. My first two challenges: my kitchen – this will be a BIG project!, and my bathroom – namely make up and other beauty products. I feel very intimidated by both of these projects. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Wow, great challenge! For both rooms I would do a reverse declutter. Take out all of your essentials, remove/box up everything else and then put the essentials back in. Only use your essentials for a few weeks and keep a running tab of what you’re really missing ie. a lotion, certain frying pan, serving dish, a second/third bath towel. Also jot down how or what you used instead of that item to get by. After a month or two start sorting through the boxes and decide what you want to keep and what you can really let go of.
      Sometimes it’s easier to see what your lifestyle really requires rather than sort through all the stuff and decide what stays and what goes.Hope this helps!
      Good luck!

  • I stumbled on your website while looking for something else. However, I am looking for a writer/publisher on IoM to work on a book project. I suspect that a minimalist mom will not be interested but thought I’d ask!

  • Hi , I googled something like “life in Isle of Man” and your blog was one of the first choices.
    I loved reading it.
    Could you send me posts from the time your were in the Island please?
    We might be moving to there with 2 kids and lots of dobts! Where to rent a house, what school for the kids, ecc…
    Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Carla, There is a search box on the bottom of this site – just enter Isle of Man and you’ll see any posts that mention island life. If you want to chat by email feel free to email me at the minimalist mom at gmail dot com. I get a surprising amount of people asking Isle of Man questions :) Cheers, Rachel

  • Hello

    I like you blog and I was interested in your post about living with teenagers. Have you read ‘Compact Living’ by Michael Guerra? He has three teenage boys and he and his wife have brought them up in a one bedroom flat in London. I can send you my copy if you want!

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